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Steps to becoming a Certified Positive Discipline: Keeping the Joy in Relationships I Facilitator.

Steps to Certification


  • Take KJR I Workshop.

  • Complete Parent Educator Certification through the Positive Discipline Association (PDA) by taking a Teaching Parenting the Positive Discipline Way (TP) or completing the DVD equivalent.

Additional Information:


  • Submit Success Stories using a minimum of 5 Tool Cards (these are submitted to your KJR II Trainer before beginning the KJR II workshop.

Additional Information:


  • Take KJR II Certification Workshop


  • Maintain PDA Membership at the minimum level of Educator.

Additional Information:

  • Certified KJR I Facilitators will have access to the KJR page on the PDA website included at no additional membership charge.

  • The KJR page will provide updated and new activities, workshop documentation, and facilitation resources to support KJR I Facilitators.

Becoming a KJR I Facilitator

What does being a Certified Positive Discipline: KJR Facilitator entail?

  • Facilitators are certified to teach the KJR I Workshop (Positive Discipline: Keeping the Joy in Relationships Workshop).

  • Facilitators agree to pay a small Per Participant Rights Fee for each participant in all future KJR I workshops.

  • Facilitators receive:

    • The KJR Facilitator's Manual, KJR Playbook, and KJR Digital Presentation (.ppt)

    • A "Facilitator's" discount on the required materials for the workshop (The Playbook, KJR Tool Cards, and eventually the KJR book).